Dining Hall

Our daily main school meal with vegetables costs £2.25 and any cold dessert or hot dessert with custard is £1.00

In addition we also provide a daily Chef's special and theme bar at a cost of £3.50 with additional extras costing £1.00 - these could be jacket wedges, cheesy chips, nachos, samosas or buttered corn on the cob.

Following some concerns, we agreed that certain meal lines do require amending, and we can confirm that these have now been addressed and are are as follows:-

  • All theme bar dishes will include a portion of vegetables and will include a side order e.g. sausage & mash bar with garden peas and a Yorkshire pudding, or Chicken Rogan Josh with rice & naan bread
  • Theme bar extras will still be available but adjusted in portion size e.g. 2 Yorkshire puddings £1 or Samosa & Naan £1
  • Jacket potato with any 2 toppings £2.25 e.g. baked beans & cheese or tuna & cheese

Please find below a copy of the catering department's tariff which details all food costs for the dining hall and retail shop. Please also find below copies of our 3 weekly menu cycle.

The main tariff is on view in the dining hall, with all the daily menus and theme bars including costs directly above each counter, so that girls can make their choice on how much they’d like to spend daily.

This Autumn term is the first time in six years that we have had to increase the cost of meals; this is not a decision we have taken lightly.

Thank you.

Tariff unchanged 2017-2018; 2018-2019